Time to change the battery? AD batteries are given even a 5 year warranty!

Choose an AD battery, extend your warranty for up to 5 years and get your car started instantly!

The campaign period covers December 5, 2019 to August 1, 2023 (inclusive).

The campaign is available to individuals who will purchase a new AD battery and install it for use in a passenger car. The car must be used for private, personal purposes only, yet cannot be used for any commercial activities.

It is easy to participate in the campaign:

  • the buyer (natural person) purchases a new AD battery during the campaign period and installs it in his / her private passenger car for non-commercial use. The buyer receives a standard 3-year warranty as before.
  • at www.adakumuliatoriai.lt website the buyer inserts data on the new AD battery and his/her car (that will use this AD battery) by filling in a simple questionnaire.
  • The system will check if the purchased AD battery is suitable for the car specified, record any other relevant data and send the Extended Warranty Certificate (PDF) to the buyer by email.

Things to know:

  • An extended warranty is the same as a standard warranty. The terms and conditions will remain the same, only the expiry date will vary.
  • The extended warranty shall take effect once the standard warranty expires.
  • All information about the extended warranty: its effective period, a passenger car with a battery that is covered by this warranty, the terms and conditions and other information is available on the Extended Warranty Certificate (PDF). Learn more
  • If the AD battery fails before the extended warranty expires, as with a normal warranty, the customer will have to deliver the battery to the sales representative. The warranty maintenance procedure is the same as for a standard warranty.

For more information on terms and conditions of the campaign click here.

Information is available on:
Internet: www.adakumuliatoriai.lt
Telephone: 8 700 22898
E-mail: pagalba@adbaltic.lt